Meet the No Rules® Crew. They are a group of characters drawn together by their mischievous antics on the street/skate scene. They are the best of mates lead by their crew leader One Eye Jack and his first hand Jill.


One Eye Jack
The Hero Brand Character of the No Rules® Brand is One Eye Jack. He is the leader of skate/street crew.

This kid is all attitude! When people see him they say “Here comes trouble!” He goes ballz out in whatever he does! He likes skateboards, bmx bikes, motorcross, sports, junk food, video games, cartoons and candy.


PJ Butter
PJ Butter is Buckethead’s clownin’ partner. The two of them together are big trouble! PJ Butter likes doin’ tricks on his sk8 board, dirt bike & bmx bike.
He also likes collecting mini-boards, action figures, playin’ video games and watching cartoons.


One of the clowns of the crew. Buckethead is always messin’ around and playin’ tricks on his other lil’ homies. He likes riding his bmx bike and doin’ trix on his board. When he’s not out kickin’ it with the crew, he is home playin’ video games or watchin’cartoons.


The stunt master of the crew. Justin can bust the biggest airs, the craziest jumps, the hardest tricks on his bike and skateboard. He also likes video games and japanese anime.


Mac Daddy
Mac Daddy is the big mouth of the crew. He is always talkin’ smack about everything. He likes to show off busting some crazy free-style trix on his bike and board.

His favorite foods are burgers, tacos, pizza, and candy, he also likes video games, football and cartoons.


Slick is the quiet one of the crew. He is always chillin’, he doesn’t talk much, but can bust some big airs on whatever he rides! He likes drawing, listening to rap music, scratchin’ on his turn tables, playin’ video games and collecting figures.


Jelly Roll
Jellly Roll is PJ Butter’s lil’ bro. The lil’ homie can bust some insane tricks on his board and in-line skates. His favorite past time besides skating, is playin’ video games. He is a hardcore gamer and claims he can beat anybody. He also likes action figures and japanese anime.


The NR crew’s lil’ green homie. The crew taught the lil’ alien how to bust trix on a skateboard and bmx bike. Now he is as good as they are. His favorite things are collecting mini-boards, action figures and stickers.

His favorite foods are french fries, chips, candy and rootbeer. He is also a hard-core gamer.


One Eye Jack’s lil’ bro. The kid is naughty by nature. The lil’ dude is always tryin’ to kick it with his brothers’ crew. Unlike his brother and sister, he sucks at doin’ tricks on his skateboard. He always eats it.

His favorite things are pizza, cartoons and video games.


The secondary hero character of the No Rules® Brand is Jill.

She is the sister of One Eye Jack. One Eye Jack’s little sister Jill, is the girl with heaps of attitude - Now don’t mess with her or she will just laugh right back at you!!! She likes to skate, she loves to watch soap operas, cartoons, video games, collecting stickers, eating lollies and hanging out with her galpals !! She likes to wear funky clothes and putting her hair up in big crazy pigtails!!!


Smart, quiet, calm, best describes Nikki. She is usually the voice of reason for the girl's crew. She always looks on the bright side of things and tries to make everybody laugh. She likes to skate with her friends, love to watch cartoons,collect fun stickers, collect stuffed animals and talk on her cell phone.

favorite foods: bubble gum favorite pet: dogs


Lynnie is the big flirt of the bunch. She likes kickin' it with the boyz, as much as hangin'
out with the girls. She likes hanging out at the mall with her friends, skateboarding with
the NR crew, and chatting with her friends online, on her computer.

favorite foods: candy and veggies (yuk!) /favorite pet: geckos


Kayla is the athlete of the bunch. She is an aggressive player in whatever she plays.
Kayla likes playing sports, especially soccer and softball. She always wears a headband
to match her outfit. She likes watching sports on TV and buying the latest fashion in girl's sneakers.

favorite foods: chicken nuggets favorite pet: rabbit


Jenna is naughty by nature. She is always playing jokes on her No Rules Girls and her
brother Justin from the NR crew. Jenna loves to draw and is a great artist!! Likes reading
manga, watching japanese anime, skateboarding, collecting anime toyz and playing video games.

favorite foods: candy and pizzafavorite pet: goldfish


Sweet and sassy is what best describes Coco. She is always down to have fun and not afraid
to say what's on her mind. She likes dancing, listening to Hip Hop and rap music, and skating
on her heelys roller shoes.

favorite foods: chocolate favorite pet: cats